Please encourage your church to support Baptist state missions in Illinois.

Start by printing the “How to Promote MIO PDF.”

Promote online

During the month of August:

  • Post the MIO theme video on your website.
  • Highlight downloadable MIO content through church email and social media.
  • Set up Mission Illinois as an option through your online giving and share with church members. 

Promote at church

During late August and September:

  • Advertise on visual slides, in the church newsletter, and Sunday bulletin.
  • Place posters in prominent locations. 
  • Share about MIO and Baptist state mission work during church announcements.
  • Show the videos in worship during the four Sundays of September. 

Participate in prayer and giving

During your scheduled offering Sundays in September:

  • Provide each worship attender with an offering envelope and prayer guide.
  • Pray for the individuals and ministries served by the offering.
  • Remind worshipers they are part of a family of nearly 900 Illinois churches working together to reach our state.
  • Ask people to give to help your church meet its goal.
  • Promote and collect the offering, both online and in worship services.