Ready, set, pray!

The pandemic isn’t over. Neither is the challenge. Please encourage you church to support state missions. Print the “How to Promote MIO PDF.”

Promote online

Due to many churches’ limited meeting schedule and attendance, the impact of the state mission emphasis will depend on every church’s promotion online, as well as posters and promotions on the church campus.

  • Ask a church member to lead the online promotion of state missions.
  • Post the MIO Promotion video on your website.
  • Use the DVD or download from the MIO website.
  • Use artwork, memes, and tweets on your social media.
  • Link to the website and

Promote at the church facility.

  • Advertise in the church newsletter and Sunday bulletin.
  • Place posters in prominent locations.
  • Show the videos in worship services during September.
  • Plan special prayer times for state missions during worship and other meetings.

Promote special events and activities.

  • Pray for the salvation of lost people in Illinois.
  • Lead pray meeting on Zoom or another online meeting app.
  • Host a prayer service in your church parking lot.
  • Ask someone to share a testimony about missions outreach.
  • Schedule a study on state missions using the videos and study guide on the website.

Encourage sacrificial giving.

  • Give each worship attender a prayer guide and offering envelope.
  • Set a higher goal than ever. Explain to the congregation how this offering goes directly to ministry in Illinois.
  • Collect the offering, both online and in worship services, through September.
  • Celebrate your church’s partnership in state missions.